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Screenbeam Mini2 Uk Only Sbwd60a01uk

Screenbeam Mini2 Uk Only Sbwd60a01uk

Part Number: 0948-0067-700
Language: NS
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Screenbeam mini2, the perfect companion to your modern mobile devices. whether you are using your phone, tablet or laptop, you can easily and wirelessly connect to an hdtv, and do whatever you want! turn a dumb display into a smart device with screenbeam mini 2. share pictures, videos, listen to music, run apps, or use your hdtv as an extended screen for your device, giving you more room to work. no matter what your application is for wireless display, actiontec's screenbeam mini2 is the perfect solution for home and on the road! wireless display is incredibly cool. this amazing technology is built into virtually all modern devices (except apple products, check out our compatibility l