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Desktop Monitor - Ew3270u - 31.5in - 3840x2160 (uhd)

Desktop Monitor - Ew3270u - 31.5in - 3840x2160 (uhd)

Part Number: 9H.LJ2LA.TBE
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The sword-wielding hero vanquishing their enemy in the wolf howl-filled night. A marriage proposal made on the castle turrets with fireworks exploding in the background. Completely Immerse yourself with BenQ HDRi,a proprietary technology which will enhance the HDR content on your screen with Intelligent Control, Clarity Adjustments,and Vivid Colors. HDRi will offer you 4k monitor visual content with the clearest and sharpest images in the most exciting way.

Also HDRi also improves image contrast and clarity for greater detail. You will see what's concealed in dark corners and bright areas are not overexposed.